Why Would They Put A Tub Of Water In Front Of The Door? Watch What This CRAZY Cat Does! WOW!

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Mulder is not the only cat that knows how to open a door. We even had a neighbor cat that had learned to hop up on the banister and ring the doorbell when he wanted to get back in the house. This cat did not care what time of night it was when he rang the bell. Cats are a lot more observant than people give them credit for. Mulder obviously watched his humans opening the door and learned how it was done. It is just a short hop to the handle. This video is funny. The cat opening the door is really amazing. The funniest thing about the video is the owner. The man thinks he is smart enough to outwit the feline with a pan of water. This guy is honestly surprised that his water barrier is no problem for the cat at all. The cat overcomes the human device in just three tries.
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