Pit bull had trouble finding a forever home, then the shelter taught her how to smile

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Being stuck in a shelter for your entire life is no reason to smile, but a dog at Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California, is doing just that to try and find his forever home.

Riley was brought into their shelter in late December by a homeless person who found her wandering the streets. The sweet 2-year-old dog is very sociable and smart but is overlooked because she is a Pit Bull.

That didn’t stop Kennel technician Britney Ridge from falling in love with Riley’s personality and for her to come up with the idea that could help her get adopted. She would teach the dog how to smile.

“My kennel technician, Britney Ridge, fell in love with her personality and for whatever reason thought that Riley was one of those dogs that could smile,” Gina Knepp of Front Street Animal Shelter told The Dodo. “So every day during feeding and cleaning, they would talk to each other.”

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