Mounted Officers bond closely with their partners – both human and equine

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Whenever riders work with horses, it’s natural for bonds to form between the two. Mounted policemen and their horses are no exception – they form strong bonds with their partners, especially because they spend so much time training and working together. And when those partners are separated, either by a reassignment, a horse’s retirement, or a horse’s passing, the officers mourn and miss their partners.
Mounted police are a valuable asset to the law enforcement community. According to Law Enforcement EDU, mounted police are the most visible members of law enforcement, thanks to the fact that they are up high and are riding large horses. Mounted police can sustain a foot chase longer than foot patrol police officers can, and they have the benefit of their horses’ speed to help them during the pursuit. Additionally, the horses themselves are useful in crowd control, thanks to their size and strength.
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