Kitten from the Woods Walks Up to Man and Decides He Will Be Her Human

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A tiny kitten came out of the woods and walked up to a man in his yard, meowing and even climbing into his lap… “…now we have a cat.” Fizz (/u/Thistlefizz) was sitting in the yard with his son a couple days ago when he heard meowing in the woods. “Without thinking I meowed back, then she walked out,” he told Love Meow.

“This tiny little floof walked straight out of the woods by our house and climbed right up in my lap.”

The family looked around for signs of a nest or den, but couldn’t find any. They even tried waiting for the mother cat to come back and find her kitten.

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“My wife was not too thrilled at the idea of leaving the kitten alone outside overnight but I figured I should give the mother a chance to come back and claim her own.”

The next morning he went to check on the kitten and was surprised to see her waiting for him by the back door.


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