Ginger Cat Finds His Mini Me and Raises Him Like His Own

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Evin and Minnie have been inseparable since the day they met.

“My boyfriend (Jesse) is a dairy farmer. Evin was the sweetest barn cat and Jesse fell in love with him. He brought him home for me for Christmas ’14. ” Jessica Ryan told Love Meow.
“And then we found Minnie’s litter and couldn’t resist him since he was a mini version of Evin! Since then we’ve worked diligently to catch the barn cats and get them each fixed. So there’s no more litters.”

After Minnie moved into his new home, Evin took to him immediately.

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The ginger boy was completely obsessed. He followed his lookalike big buddy around every where he went. Evin cleaned him and gave him all the love and snuggles.
Sometimes Evin wanted some privacy but Minnie was not giving it.

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