Dog lays lifeless in a field. Rescuers are shocked when they learn she just gave birth

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Take Me Home Pet Rescue spent weeks trying to capture and rescue a stray dog named Norah. The first time they went to check up on the dog, they feared she’d be dead since she was lying all alone near the side of a highway. But to their surprise, Norah eventually picked her head up.
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Norah is a stray dog that wouldn’t let any humans near her. The team attempted to lure Norah in to their grasps, but to their dismay, she didn’t take the bait. They were then forced to hold their breaths as Norah crossed busy Texas highways and streets, walking back and forth.

Finally, after weeks of trying to rescue Norah, the folks at Take Me Home Pet Rescue succeeded. When they captured her, they realized she looked much thinner than usual. They were shocked to discover that Norah had been pregnant and had given birth to nine puppies just days before. She had been hiding them in the courtyard of a nearby church, safe inside the shrubs and bushes.

The team brought Norah and her family back to the rescue center where they finally had a warm, safe environment to live and grow.

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