After 10-Year-Old Girl Had An Accident, Parents Forced Her To Sleep Naked In The Backyard

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Take a look at these two people, they are Brenda and Marc Marshall. The couple live in Florida and have a 10-year-old daughter. When Marc came home from work on Friday, he heard from his wife that the girl had urinated and defecated on the floor. Brenda is not the girl’s biological mother. As a punishment, the so-called parents decided to force the young girl to sleep outside naked.
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There was a concrete section near the back door where the girl was supposed to sleep. To recap what we just learned – the scared little girl had no clothing, no shelter, and was forced to sleep outside.
Marc made no attempt to check on his daughter that night.

The little girl was found wandering the streets at around 7:45 am on Saturday morning. She was about a mile away from her home when she was found by a passerby. An hour later the police arrived at the home of the Marshalls who had no clue where their daughter was.

The girl was found with bruises all over her feet, she was scared and hungry. The couple is facing charges of aggravated child abuse. This story is just heartbreaking and unbelievable. What is wrong with parents today?

On one hand we have parents that don’t discipline their children at all and then we have people like the Marshalls who take punishments too far. We don’t know the circumstances of why/how the girl urinated and deficated on the floor, but that doesn’t matter, the punishment was too severe.



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