Tiny Tuxedo Kitten Tried To Call Out For Help But Barely A Sound Came Out…

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A couple found a tiny orphan kitten wandering around, trying to call out for help but because of his size and exhaustion, barely a sound came out.

Laura Macaluso spotted the kitten, later named Panda, all by himself. She searched for siblings and his mother but couldn’t find anyone but him. He couldn’t open his eyes from infection and was so weak from dehydration.

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Happy healthy boy! #panda🐼 #purrsforpanda

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Laura figured she would bring Panda home and foster him until he was big enough to be adopted but once Laura’s boyfriend Vincent met Panda, he fell in love with him instantly! And said, according to Love Meow, “He’s not going anywhere.”

Source: Blog.theanimalrescuesite.com

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