The 3 Major Reasons Our Cats Love To Climb Into Bed With Thier Humans

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Cats truly love to sleep. They sleep an average of 16-20 hours a day, and as most cat owners know, they can sleep just about anywhere. So, why exactly does your cat insist in sleeping in bed with you? They obviously are able to sleep anywhere else in the house, and waking up with a paw or a tail in your face can be a bit annoying… cute! Here are the 3 major reasons why your kitty loves to climb into bed with you. Warmth.
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It’s no secret at all that cats love warmth. Whether it’s on your laptop, lying in the sun, or all curled up by the fireplace or space heater, your cat is actually a magnet for heat sources. Naturally, lying and snuggling with you in your bed gives them some of their warm fixes, your body heat isn’t the one and only source of warmth. So, even though your body heat truly is one reason your cat snuggles up with you, it isn’t the only reason.


Sleeping in the wild is quite a dangerous affair for all animals. Once the eyes are closed, you’re vulnerable to attack. So, when kitty comes up to sleep beside you, you’re actually providing that extra security for them to chase mice in their dreams. You’re kind of like a giant security blanket. If something is about to go transpire, your cat knows they have a better chance of survival with you by their side.




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