Talkative Goofy Rufi

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While on a visit to Petsmart my husband and I strolled past the cat adoption area, they partner with our local SPCA. We came across this guy. His sign said he was a “talker” named Rufus. They had 4 cats available and meeting room. We decided to meet them all. The first 3 cats were very friendly. When they brought Rufus into the room he was scared to death, walked low to the ground and made grumbling noises. He quickly discovered where the exit was and started pacing back and forth in front of the door. As he walked around the room he stayed up against the walls and eventually made it behind our legs.
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Upon our return he was still available but they were having trouble removing him from his enclosure, so I went in and knelt down so he could see me, reached in and pulled him out. At that point I knew he was meant to be part of our family. We saw something in him that day and took a chance and we are so glad we did! It’s been over a year now and he’s always with us and loves to be a part of all that’s going on. He has fit right in. He is a talker and has a voice like no other cat I’ve ever heard. He knows his name, which is now Rufi, and will respond to it anytime anyone says it. We actually have conversations with him! He is the sweetest boy, loves to get in your lap for a good petting and to do his smurgling. He’s smart, playful, adventurous and very goofy and always wanting to tell you all about it. Can’t imagine life without him!



Thank you! ❤