Sacramento Nuns Accused Of Trapping & Relocating Family Pets

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A resident of Gallant Circle in Citrus Heights was taken aback when she saw a cat sitting inside a trap in her neighbor’s yard. Not only was it odd to see a trapped cat, the woman also felt as if this were an omen of sorts, as her cat has been missing since the beginning of the month.

She confronted her neighbors, two nuns, and was not pleased with the result. The nuns were setting traps to catch cats and relocate them. “From what I gathered from my discussion that morning [they] dumped him, and her reasoning was the owners may get the cats and bring them back,” she told KTXL.

Citrus Heights Police Department, along with Animal Control, have become involved in the case. The nuns were upset that the cats kept getting into their garden and they couldn’t find a way to keep them out.

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