Man Looks For Home For Stray Kitten, But She Decides She’s Already Found It!

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When this man went to work one day, just like he always did, he had no idea he’d be making a furry little friend!

Reddit user gabulldawgfan recounts the day that he found a tiny white and gray kitten. Perhaps seeking shelter, she’d somehow managed to get into his boss’ truck.

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As it turned out, the kitten was a stray who had been lingering around the boss’ house for a few days, until she finally decided to climb onto his gas tank and go with him to work!

Of course, the Reddit user had to rescue the fluffy little baby (I mean, how could anyone resist that face?!). He was just going to care for her until he found her the perfect home. He even refrained from giving her a name so he wouldn’t get too attached…

But this little kitten had other plans!

It was clear that the sweet kitty wanted to live with her rescuer, and he simply couldn’t say no! So the kitten was finally given a name: Pricilla.

Three weeks later and officially a kitten-dad, the smitten gabulldawgfan couldn’t introduce his new furry friend to the Reddit community.

“It’s been almost three weeks since I rescued this little girl. She has already gotten so big! Reddit meet Priscilla,” he posted.

This lucky kitty even has two four-legged siblings, a canine and a cat named Gizmo!

It looks like she is very happy in her new forever home.

Likewise, her new human is thrilled that they found each other.

“This little girl makes me so happy. So glad she chose me after I rescued her!” he posted.



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