Lifeless Kitten Found In Road Finally Takes A Breath…

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When a woman found a lifeless kitten on the side of the road, she thought it was dead… but she ended up saving its life.

Reddit user Old_Donkey_Teeth was riding her bike on the way to work when she saw a kitten on the side of the road. She thought it had already passed away, but she stopped to take a closer look.

The kitten was cold and motionless, and she was covered in fly eggs. Just when it looked like all hope was lost, the little kitty took a breath.

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The woman immediately took the poor little kitten to the vet. There, she found out that the sickly baby was only 1/3 the normal weight that a kitten her age should be.

Not only was the kitten malnourished, she had intestinal worms, fleas, and maggots on her skin. The woman took the kitten home and cared for her. She fed the kitten and kept her warm. Then she named her Trinket.

At around 1 month old, Trinket recovered from her health issues. She accompanies her mom to work every day on her bike.

Everything seemed fine, then she suddenly started having seizures.

The vet said that her seizures may be due to brain damage since she had a very rough start in life. But her seizures gradually went away and Trinket grew out of it in time.

At around 4 months old, she got healthier.

And she continued to improve in the months after that.



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