Kitten Is Deemed Too Ugly to Get Adopted, But Someone Special Sees Her Beauty

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It’s hard for any cat lover to walk away from a fluffy litter of adoptable kittens empty-handed. But, every once in awhile, there comes a feline that doesn’t look like the others… and even the most cat-obsessed people would turn it down if they think it’s “ugly.”

Sadly, that’s what happened to Possum, the runt of a litter of stray cats in North Carolina. When she was born, she was almost completely bald. Her fur grew in with a strange pattern on it, and her skin smelled like potatoes.

It seemed Possum was headed for the pound, where she would most likely be euthanized…

Possum the cat was the runt of a feral litter born in a North Carolina backyard. The woman who lived there was able to find homes for all of the kittens… except Possum. She was so weird-looking that most people just didn’t seem interested in her.

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The woman was ready to bring Possum to the pound, where she would most likely be euthanized. But her coworker Stephanie stopped her. Stephanie already had two cats at home, but one look at Possum’s bald spots had her falling head over heels in love.

Possum was gray in some areas and white in others, unlike her mother and siblings, who were either all white or had calico fur. Possum also had skin scented like potatoes for no apparent reason—but Stephanie loved her all the same.

After seeing photos, some people suggested that Possum had the recessive genes of a werewolf cat, which might have caused her unique look. Others were convinced that she was a burn victim. Still, many more said she was just plain ugly.

Possum may look different than her new playmates, but no one there treated her any differently! To Stephanie and her two other felines, Possum was just another member of their happy family!

“I live in the South and a lot of people in this area don’t view cats as pets,” said Stephanie in an interview. “I’ve heard a lot of stories about people using them as target practice. I’ve known some pretty horrible people who will speed up if they see a cat in the street.”

But Stephanie found Possum to be gentle, loving—and a great spider hunter. Possum even curled up next to Stephanie’s leg when she injured it and was bedridden. Stephanie said it was as if Possum “knows I need a hot pack.”

Possum made for a wonderful addition to Stephanie’s family, and it seemed like they were full of unconditional love for each other. It just goes to show you that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Possum even has her own Instagram page!

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