He Found A Frozen Kitten At His Doorstep, What He Did Next Took A LOT Of Love.

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A 7th grade science teacher and YouTube user came upon an alarming sight in February of last year: a golden-haired cat was laying on his porch half-frozen.

“[She] was frozen to the point that only a paw was moving the slightest bit,” the teacher wrote on his YouTube.

He wasn’t sure if it was too late, but decided to take Elsa in anyway. In his home, he drew her a bath and wrapped her in a towel. Six hours of care later, she began to regain her energy! If she hadn’t been found in time, the adorable ginger probably wouldn’t have made it.

“This video made me [realize] something,” one YouTube user commented. “I don’t care what someone has done in the past, nor how imperfect people are or even what religion they follow – what I care about is what good they do in this world because that is really all that matters.”

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Source: Lifebuzz.com

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