Finally A Home For Ace

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I am happy to report that I have finally trapped the neighborhood feral cat! He started coming around my house two months ago and quickly figured out how to use the cat door to come into the kitchen for the dry food that is always left out. I also feed him wet food outside each morning. Needless to say, my cats were not at all happy about this and there has been much growling and hissing.
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Over the past two months however, they seem to have come to some sort of a truce. Although my cats still chase him out of the house if they see him, they tend to ignore him outside, so I figured it was time to trap him, get him tested for disease, and get him neutered. I have named him Ace. That is not an actual picture of Ace, as I can’t get close enough to take a picture and didn’t want to traumatize him further by taking one this morning while he was in the trap, but it’s a very close resemblance. My hope is to get him tame enough that he’ll become part of the family. This may be easier than I think, since he is already coming in to sleep on the couch since the nights are getting colder. Of course, he runs straight to the cat door when he hears my husband or I coming down the hallway, but it’s a start!

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Thank you! ❤