Ex-Shelter Cat Has A Purr That Sounds Like No Other And You Simply MUST Hear It

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Meows, purrs, hisses … cats are known to be really vocal about their stuff. But you’ve never heard a sound as satisfying as this kitty makes. Meet Tribble, an 8-year-old cat who traveled back and forth between shelters and owners since he was 7. An elderly cat that he is, Tribble was adopted multiple times, but always returned to the pound as an unfitting companion.

“He was in the first home for three years before his owner died. Was returned to the shelter for a few months before being adopted by a family with four small children. […] He retaliated which did not please the mother. He was returned again,” Tribble’s now-owner Kimm recalls.

Eventually, he found an amazing home that he shares with a tortoise named Turtle. But imagine how happy Tribble’s new humans became when they discovered his prominent talent — a soothing, chirping-like purr their 18-pound cat emanates!

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