Cat Who’s Re-Homed 5 Times For Being “Demanding” Only Wants Love

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When Imgur user ncarbell adopted a fluffy tuxedo kitty, the poor thing had already dealt with more rejection than any pet should.

“Meet James Bean,” the poster wrote. “…thought I’d share the odyssey of my rescue cat, adopted from San Francisco Animal Control. He’d been returned no fewer than 5 times because he was ‘too demanding.’”

But what some may consider “high maintenance” was really the kitty’s yearning for affection. And finally, he was paired with someone who gave him that love in return.

“Two years later, and he’s the most loving cat I’ve ever had,” ncarbell wrote.

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“He spent an inordinate amount of time lurking under the table, ready to surprise unsuspecting diners.”

“He did, however, fall immediately in love with his rainbow catnip sausage.”

“And discovered that there’s nothing more satisfying than hiding out in the hamper.”

“I mean — he *really* loves it in there.”

“This is a year after I first got him: he developed a life-threatening bladder blockage and nearly scared me to death,” the pet parent wrote.

“But after 3 weeks, unspeakable vet bills, and a great deal of unquantifiable luck, he recovered and came home — albeit with a pair of alarmingly shaved forepaws.”

With a clean bill of health and a loving family, it’s safe to say that this kitty is finally comfortable in his surroundings – and his human wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, the feline seems to have the run of the house…

“You can see the extreme effectiveness of the cat blanket I got to protect my heirloom quilt,” the poster said.

“Again — exceedingly effective. (Note Jim Bean-sized lump *under* said cat blanket.)”



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