Cat Was “Too Aggressive To Be A Pet” – But One Family Changed Everything

  • 2034

When Imgur user LeopardCay heard of an aggressive cat that was “impossible” to rehabilitate, they had a feeling that the feline was meant to live with them.

Four years ago, the poster’s friend told them about a young cat named Ludde that was in the care of a woman who was dedicated to rehabilitating traumatized cats.

But there was one white kitty that was so challenging, she didn’t know how to help him.

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“I asked for her number and I got it,” said LeopardCay, in a story posted on Imgur. “When I called and asked about him, she explained his story. He’s been thrown out multiple times, hit by a car, had his tail burnt… He’s been through hell. And he had serious damages on his psyche.”

The cat caretaker feared that Ludde would never find a home, but LeopardCay was up for the challenge. Afraid that the potential adopter wouldn’t be able to handle him, the caretaker had them call the shelter where Ludde originally came from.

“[The shelter staff] said, I quote, ‘He’s impossible, he’s too aggressive to be a pet. He’s injured another cat here at the shelter and attacked several other volunteers. He’s going to be put down in a week, we can’t help him anymore,’” the Imgur user wrote.

Though the hearts of the shelter staff and caretaker were in the right place, their discouragement only made LeopardCay’s desire to adopt Ludde even stronger.

“I told my dad. After five minutes we called them again and said we were gonna take him,” they wrote.

The cat caretaker brought the white kitty to their home, and he was so terrified, he soiled himself on the ride over. But after getting cleaned off in the shower, Ludde “strutted into the apartment like he owned the place and placed himself on a shelf.”

Ludde’s new family remained lovingly patient as the cat acclimated to his new home.

“It took three days before he got along with our two other cats. It took a week for him to trust us enough to smell us. After three months, he was family,” LeopardCay wrote. “He started seeking contact and enjoyed cuddling. After a year, he learned from watching the other cats to not bite when he was annoyed, but to meow or walk away.”



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