Baby Kitty Comes To Stay

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After moving from Houston to Dallas with two cats and a dog, we weren’t in the market for another pet. Starting new jobs, getting accustomed to the new neighborhood and getting our senior dog with congestive heart failure ready for pacemaker surgery is not conducive to introducing a new member of the family.

But sometimes they come to us when we least expect it; when that happens, it’s surprising how ready you are.

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In June 2013 I saw a cat on our back fence – a cat with the largest tumor on her jaw. I gave her food and she was ravenous. Then she disappeared. A couple of weeks later I saw her again, and of course, fed her.

This kitty’s will to live was strong, and knowing a good thing when she saw it, she came back and back. We started calling her Baby Kitty because she is so small and has such sweet baby face. Now she lives on our front porch where we’ve set up a little house with insulation for the cold winters and shade for the hot summers.

She won’t let us touch her, she’s a feral girl. I was able to trap her and take her to a vet last year for shots and exam. The vet said the tumor was hard as a rock and surgery not in the cards for her. So we keep her fed and sheltered as best we can. She’s a tough cat, but sweet. She is loved, and accepts the love as best she can. She’s still eating well, canned food mostly, but she LOVES the fresh cooked chicken or turkey we bring her. We’ll keep her as long as she wants to be here. And one day, when she tells us it’s time to go, we’ll help her.

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