3 Blind Bonded Cats Needed Homes, So This Woman Made Their Dreams Come True

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In December of 2014, three kitty siblings were found in Dubai, left to fend for themselves in an abandoned warehouse. They had lost their sight after contracting cat flu, which had gone untreated.

The cats, which included Blue and his sisters Meadow and Little Willow, were finally placed into a foster home. Blue was adopted, but without the company of his siblings, continuously cried. He was given back to the foster home so they could be reunited, and together, they continued to wait for their forever home.

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When Catherine Magno heard the cats’ story, her heart broke for them and she knew they deserved a home where they’d be safe and happy–together. So in February 2015, she adopted the blind bunch.

Source: Iheartcats.com


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