16 Hilarious Problems That Only People With Cats Will Understand.

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If you are a cat owner, then you are very aware of the fact that cats do as they please. For the most part, cats mind their own business, they are quiet and easy to care for. The problem comes when they think everything is their business. If you bring a box or bag home, a cat thinks its his duty to check it out. They also have a tendency of being annoying and getting in the way, but they can be so darn cute.

Here are 16 photographs that captured cats doing what they do best.

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#1. “Wake up! Sleepy head!”

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#2. “I’m just looking for my adoption papers.”

#3. “You got pizza and you didn’t get me anything?”

#4. “Don’t leave me, I want to go with you!”

#5. “I know you got work to do, but I love you, and I just want to cuddle with you.”

#6. “I call this cat block!”

#7. “I just love hanging out with you human.”

#8. “Can you Fed Ex me overnight to Florida?”

#9. “Hey! You mind dropping me off at Pet Smart?”

#10. “Check mate! I win!”

#11. “I was thirsty! I just wanted to grab me some water. This wasn’t suppose to happen.”

#12. “Since you don’t want to play with me. I’ll just sit here and watch you play your stupid computer game. Don’t mind me.”

#13. “Umm… since I can’t watch Tom & Jerry, you can’t watch your show. Thanks!”

#14. “Oh wait you’re hungry? I’m not moving until you feed me first!”

#15. “Hold on! I’m updating my Facebook status!”

#16. “You will rub my tummy one way or another.”

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