PHOTOS: They Dug For 5 Years And Saw Nothing. Then They Found 2 Million Of THIS & Are $100,000 Richer

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In this modern age, human’s like to think that they have truly explored every last inch of this planet. Despite the massive amount of unaccounted space in the deep sea, with all the archaeological digs over the years it’s not hard to imagine that we have discovered most of the interesting artifacts on the surface.
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Except that isn’t true at all and new discoveries are being made every single day. Just last week, archaeologists in China’s Xinjian District uncovered an ancient tomb filled with riches greater than any of them could have possibly imagined. Not only is the monetary value of their discovery over $100,000, the historical value is far beyond priceless!

These archaeologists have been digging at this particular sight in Nanchang for over five years, excavating the massive 8-tomb burial site and discovering new things along the way. But nothing as significant as the recently-found stash of ancient coins made of gold, bronze, iron and copper. The copper alone is said to weigh over 10 tons.

Experts believe the main tomb was created for Liu He, grandson of Emperor Wu – one of the greatest rulers that China has ever seen, controlling the surrounding land from 206 BC to 25 AD. That means that these coins are at least 2,000 years old.

They are hoping that the coins, along with the 10,000 other artifacts found will help to advance our understanding on how the nobility lived in ancient times. At face value, these coins are worth $157,340, but with the history on their side, these coins could fetch a pretty price at auction.

Share this modern discovery and who knows how many new archaeologists might be inspired to go searching for themselves! You never know what you could find out there.



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