Mom Tries To Teach Baby How To Say ‘Mama,’ But Captures Her Dog Saying It Instead

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The strong connection between a dog and their human can present itself in the strangest ways. Take this furry friend, for example, who decided to having a singing competition with a little toddler. Or how about this dog, who got extremely excited after sensing a baby in its mom’s belly? Talk about a dog’s sixth sense!

One mom was trying to get her baby son to eat — and the family’s loyal canine was standing right next to him, ready to pounce if and when a crumb dropped.

Mom was trying to get the baby to say “mama” by bribing him with a bit of food, repeating the word over and over again at her son, who looked anything but interested.

But the pup was another story. As Mom repeated the word, the canine listened extremely carefully with those puppy dog eyes, desperate for the food that rested on the fork.

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