The Piano Guys Bring Scottish Flair To Their Mashup Of “Fight Song” And “Amazing Grace”

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YouTube sensations The Piano Guys are back at it again and are wowing people all over the globe with their latest video. They’ve blended the classic hymn “Amazing Grace” with singer/songwriter Rachel Platten’s smash-hit “Fight Song,” and they’ve added a Scottish twist to the whole thing.

Musicians dressed in traditional Scottish attire and playing drums and bagpipes start off by playing “Fight Song,” after which the stunning landscapes of Scotland are revealed, along with The Piano Guys on the piano and cello. At one point in the video, the two songs are blended seamlessly into a harmonious whole. The combination of stirring music along with the stunning visuals has clearly struck a chord with viewers, and the video has over 1.3 million views and counting in just four days since it was released.

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