This Video Proves That We’ve All Been Folding Our Socks Wrong This Whole Time

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There’s a lot of stuff in life that we have no idea about, but one thing that seems pretty simple are socks. We get them in bunches from the store whenever we need them and then scrunch them together and throw them in the top drawer. Sometimes they will get lost in the washing machine, but no worries, there are always plenty of back-ups. But if there was a secret way of storing socks that you never knew?
YouTuber Klara Egilson shows how you might have been folding socks wrong your whole life. In just 16 seconds, she demonstrates a unique folding technique that will save time and space in your drawers. Also, it’s pretty fun to do because you can fold a lot of socks in a very short amount of time. Not to mention, you will impress everyone in your house with your amazing folding abilities. Say goodbye to the classic method of stretching one sock over another, and embrace the modern (or ancient, who knows?) technique of compressing them into a cube.
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