They Bought A 300-Year-Old Dream Home. When They Went Inside? I Gasped!

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A house is just a house, until you make it your home. Whether it’s a mango-colored tiny home or a house customized for cats, it’s so interesting to see how people make over and customize their dwellings to suit their needs.

I’m not a particularly crafty or industrial person. I see “DIY” and think, “I’d better call a contractor” — but for some people in the world, their greatest joy and dream is to flip houses and renovate old homes into stunningly gorgeous dwellings.

Sometimes I feel too lazy to even hang up a new piece of art, so I can’t imagine “flipping” an entire French château, but to Karina and Craig Waters of Perth, Australia, having the opportunity to renovate an abandoned château is a dream come true.

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