Professional gardener shares 9 all-natural ways to kill weeds. These tips are fantastic!

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Gardens are beautiful, gorgeous, and very effective when used properly. However, as any gardener knows, weeds are a nightmare to deal with. Not only do they destroy plants in your garden, but it’s also hard to remove them without damaging your other plants.
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Fortunately, there’s are a few all-natural solution to this common problem.

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The most common way of removing weeds is to remove them by hand. This is a time-tested approach that gardeners have used for years. Use a trowel to loosen the soil; it makes it easier to pull the weed out. Be sure to wear a pair of gardening gloves so you don’t transfer the seeds elsewhere.

Mulch prevents sunlight from reaching the soil, so weed seeds won’t have the proper environment to germinate and grow. Furthermore, mulch can prevent weed seeds from entering into the soil in the first place

Boiling Hot Water

Take a kettle or pot of boiling hot water and pour it onto the weeds. Make sure you aim it around the crown of the plant. This will kill them off so you never have to worry about that particular weed again.

Use Salt

Sprinkle salt onto weeds to cause them to dehydrate. Salt is very effective at killing weeds in small gardens that have plenty of rainfall because it will help dilute the salt. However, don’t use too much salt as it can also disrupt the soil balance which in turn can hurt your own plants.

Start with a 3:1 salt to water ratio and target weeds only.


Don’t toss away your morning newspaper. Instead, place them around the plans that you want to protect from weeds. This tactic works the same as mulch. It prevents sunlight from reaching the weed seeds so they can’t grow!


Vinegar is a natural and cheap weed killing solution. The acetic acid in vinegar is a natural herbicide, and it draws moisture out of the leaves. However, be careful to only use it on your weeds. It kills weeds and plants so be sure to only spray on the leaves of weeds.

Herbicide Soap

Mix equal parts dish soap, salt, and vinegar together and put it in a spray bottle. Then, spray garden weeds with this deadly spray. The salt and vinegar will dehydrate the weed while the dish soap ensures that the spray sticks to the leaves. Be sure not to touch other plants with this spray.

Torch Weeds

If you want to get aggressive, then torch the weeds using a weed torch.


Sprinkle cornmeal in your garden. It will prevent weed seeds from germinating much like mulch. However, do this only after your plants have already grown since it will prevent your own plant seeds from sprouting, too.

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