Grieving widower waters late wife’s plant everyday for 19 years since she passed

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On December 24, 1996 – Christmas Eve – Frankie’s husband Maxine won a contest. Her prize was a lovely poinsettia plant that was perfect for the holiday season. Elated, Maxine brought the plant home to show Frankie. Three days later, the unthinkable happened. Maxine passed away as a result of an unexpected heart attack. Heartbroken, Frankie has kept the poinsettia plant as a way to remember his beloved wife. For the past 19 years, he has watered it every single day and watched it grow.

A typical poinsettia plant can last several months inside, but Frankie has managed to care for his for nearly twenty years – that’s two decades! This feat not only astonishes Frankie’s friends and family, but it also amazes plant specialists in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area.

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After 19 years of care, the poinsettia plant has grown to be almost five feet tall, and it weights over 100 pounds. In fact, it’s so big, that Frankie can no longer see out his window!

Every Christmas season, the poinsettia plant blossoms, and it reminds Frankie of his lovely wife. It’s almost as if she is always there with him during the holiday season.

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