Expert DIYer uses a pegboard to organize her home in ways I never expected. Here are 13 ideas

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Pegboards are commonly used in the garage for organization and storage, but they don’t have to stay there. Instead, use pegboards around the house to keep your home neat and tidy!
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Kitchen Tool Storage

Use a pegboard to keep your kitchen tools nice and organized. Hang your teaspoons/tablespoons, measuring cups, spatulas, and more. This is especially useful if you have a small kitchen or lack space.

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Pots, Pans, Pegboard

Coat a pegboard in a nice, dark color. Then, hang it on the wall and store your cookware. From your strainer and grater all the way to your pans, this pegboard can store everything.

Garage Organizer

This is a straightforward tip. Rather than use shelves in your garage, use a pegboard and hooks to store your outdoors equipment. Hang up little baskets for smaller things like baseballs and whiffle balls.

Pegboard Inside Cabinets

Hang a pegboard inside a cabinet door for smaller items and valuables such as car keys. Or, you can hang your spoons, spatulas, and other kitchen tools here.

Transform A Messy Room…

A messy room is your worst enemy, but fortunately a pegboard can fix that!

Into A Clean Room!

It’s honestly hard to believe that this is the same closet. Pegboards keep everything orderly!

Gardening Tool STorage

If you have a hobby like gardening, then use a pegboard to store all your tools and accessories in one place. This can be hung up anywhere in the house.

Pegboard Slides

If you have a lot of hardware tools, but not enough space to store them, then create DIY pegboard slides that can be stored under a counter or workspace.

Pegboard Frames

Attach frame around pegboards to help disguise the look of them. Click here for more details.

Coffee Cups

If you are an avid coffee drinker, then this tip is for you. Use a pegboard to hold your coffee cups and mugs above your coffee machine, Keurig machine, or Nespresso.



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