After Learning How To Make Bloomin’ Baked Potatoes, I Won’t Make Them Any Other Way

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Many of us know how to make a baked potato. There are even settings on many microwaves that allow you to cook a potato with a press of a button! However, if you put a little more effort in, you can make these delicious bloomin’ baked potatoes that will blow ordinary potatoes out of the water! Trust me it’s well worth the extra time. Your taste buds will thank you! This delicious and simple recipe is actually more of a set of directions for cutting the potato than it is combining ingredients. Follow this series of cuts to a t to get the best tasting potatoes. First, slice off of the lengthy side of the potato a thin slice. This should leave you with a long, oval section with no skin. Then, cut with a knife at least five or six rings in that oval spot. You may need more or less rings, depending on the size of the potato. Do not cut all of the way through the potato.
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