Terrified Nurse Freaks Out When Dad Rushes In His Newborn Who Is Uncontrollably Throwing Up

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In 2013, Derek and Heather Carr were excited to be new parents to their son Dallas. But after his birth, they were told their newborn might not make it when he started uncontrollably throwing up in the hospital.

Derek recalls the moment he told the nurse, whose face washed over with terror, and they realized something was seriously wrong.

Dallas’ intestines were twisted and cutting off his blood supply, so if they didn’t take him into immediate surgery he would have died.

After surgery, the family stayed in the hospital for 23 days. That was the only home Dallas knew until they finally got to take him home so they could try to be a happy, healthy family.

It only lasted two weeks before he was back in the hospital again, in need of another six-hour surgery.

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Source: Littlethings.com