Her toddler keeps getting sick. Then Mom finds filthy mold inside sippy cup

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Simon had no idea why his son was in so much pain. He had been complaining of stomach aches for the past several weeks, yet there was nothing wrong with what he was eating. After much investigating, however, Simon came upon a realization that will leave you completely disgusted.
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The above photo shows us sippy cups, a type of cup for infants that is popular to purchase from stores. Simon noticed one day that there was an odd smell coming from his son’s sippy cup.

Simon decide to open up his son’s sippy cup. Inside it?

He found disgusting mold!

It seems like the anti-leak feature of his son’s sippy cup had collected tiny particles and started to turn moldy because it was sitting with still liquid for such a long period of time.

Parents from all over the country are outraged that the manufacturers of these cups would let such an item go to market,

“The internal components have been hoarding bacteria. We were horrified and heartbroken that our little girl had been using this bottle in this state.”
It’s well known that inhaling or ingesting mold can have serious health effects, especially for infants whose immune systems haven’t fully developed.

If you know someone that might be using these sippy cups, be sure to warn them to check for any mold that might’ve grown inside of it. You may just save their son or daughter a trip to the doctor.

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