He Pulled Over A Mother And Son For A Routine Stop. But What The 3-Year-Old Said Is Going VIRAL!

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The Clanton Police set up a license checkpoint in Clanton, Alabama, but something very unexpected happened when Captain Neil Fetner pulled over Kristen Lawrence and her 3-year-old son, Carter. While Kristen was searching for her license, Carter couldn’t contain his excitement and revealed to the officer that they were on their way to Arby’s for dinner!
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Captain Fetner asked Carter if he liked curly fries and after he said that he did, the captain jokingly asked him if he could bring him back some. But Carter was now on a mission to make sure that the officer got his delicious curly fries! Check out the wonderful events that unfolded in the video below! …and anyone else suddenly craving Arby’s curly fries?

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Source: metaspoon.com


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