7-Year-Old Boy Eaten, Parents Charged

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Adrian Jones was just seven years old when he was murdered – by his father Michael Jones, 46, and step-mother, Heather Jones, 31. Adrian’s death occurred sometime in September or October 2015.

No one is quite sure when, because his death was never reported. To cover up their crime, Michael and Heather took their son’s body and fed it to the pigs.

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Michael and Heather are now both sitting in prison for the rest of their lives. Michael didn’t have the courage or decency to even look at the family members who were present at his hearing – either he is very embarrassed about what he did or has no remorse.

Adrian lived a short and tortured life at his home in rural Kansas. He was forced to stand in water overnight and often was bound to an inverted table and blindfolded.

Adrian’s parents had over 30 cameras set up around the home to constantly monitor his movements – but, they also recorded every detail of the abuse he suffered.

Heather claimed that it was all Michael’s idea to abuse Adrian and she couldn’t stop him. But, she could have called the authorities for help – right?! That most certainly would have stopped the abuse.

Tragically, when Adrian was 5, he told a Missouri Children’s’ Division worker and a police office that his father hit him all the time and that he wasn’t being fed – but, nothing happened, they didn’t find any evidence when they investigated.

Seems to me that the system failed and a little boy lost his life.

Source: Relayhero.com


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