Woman saves abandoned dog with broken limbs by ‘dumping ground’ – 7 years later, she’s saved 300

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We all know an animal lover who goes above and beyond to care for the animals around them. Some people adopt animals, others rescue them. What Judy Obregon does to prove her dedication to helping animals in need is absolutely extraordinary.

One of the first dogs she saved was abandoned by a ‘dumping ground.’When Judy saw him, she realized there was still time to save him, and she did just that.

“I was driving down the service road, and I spotted a stray,” Judy explained to InsideEdition.com. “The stray led me to another dog that was injured.”
Judy spent her time gaining the dog’s trust and feeding it until she was eventually able to rescue it.

Judy cleaned the dog up and helped it get adopted into a loving home. Others watched as Judy dedicated her time to save the dog, and soon the air around her was buzzing with leads to more dogs who had been mistreated. That was the beginning of a lifelong, heart melting journey.

Watch below to see the state the dog was in.

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