Wolf Pulled From A Freezing River, And Rescuers Do Everything They Can To Save Him

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In January 2012, Navarre the wolf was spotted in a frigid river outside the Italian city of Bologna. Right away, it was obvious to his would-be rescuers that the poor animal couldn’t move, and he was rapidly losing his grip on the living world.

Moving in, the rescue team carried the wolf to safety on the bank of the river, but they discovered that he’d stopped breathing and needed immediate CPR. Also, he’d been shot nearly 35 times with lead pellets. Things were not looking good for Navarre.

Then, incredibly, he opened his eyes and took a breath. What followed that single moment, however, was the real shock.

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An injured wolf named Navarre was taken to the Monte Adone Centre for Conservation and Research of Exotic and Wild Fauna in Italy, where he received around-the-clock care.

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Source: Honesttopaws.com


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