Wild Rabbit Spots Pet Bunny, Falls Madly In Love

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This wild rabbit got an unusual look into the world of domestic bunnies — and he likes what he sees.
YouTuber bill16504 decided to open his sliding door one warm spring day, leaving his rabbit, Pep, sitting in her favorite spot in front of the screen. Soon they had an unexpected visitor in the form of a curious wild rabbit.
The wild rabbit appears to be quite taken with Pep.The video description mentions that the wild rabbits were in the midst of mating season so it’s possible this wild visitor had some amorous thoughts in mind (though domestic rabbits can’t successfully reproduce with wild rabbits in the U.S. as they’re too genetically dissimilar). It could also be that curiosity overcame his natural caution.
In any case, the wild rabbit was much bolder than the house bunny — who quickly retreats to her cardboard box in the face of all the attention.
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Source: Thedodo.com


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