Wild Orca Always Swims Right Up To The Kayaking Friend He’s Known For Years

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New Zealand-based kayaker Nathan Pettigrew knows orcas — and it turns out they also know him. An orca named Pickle has an especially sweet relationship with Pettigrew.
“I first met Pickle back in 2010 and have paddled with him a number of times since then and when I first met him,” Pettigrew told The Dodo. Pickle has a distinctive dorsal fin, slightly marred by, Pettigrew thinks, a run in with a shark or a fight with another orca. But according to Pettigrew, it doesn’t seem to bother him.
Because of Pickle’s distinctive dorsal feature and friendly personality, Pettigrew has been able to spot him over the years.
“He started out quite small, but he is growing larger as time goes on,” Pettigrew said.
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Source: Thedodo.com


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