Uber Driver Adopts Pit Bull After Passenger Left Her Behind In Car

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An Uber driver, named Brandi, picked up a rider and his pit bull in north Phoenix last week and drove them 30 minutes toward the east Valley. When they arrived at his destination, an apartment complex, the passenger quickly got out.

That’s when Brandi turned around and noticed the passenger had left behind his dog in the back seat. Brandi quickly got out of the car and checked inside the apartment complex to look for the man, but to no avail. She then resorted to calling him, but the phone number linked to his Uber account was disconnected.

It’s unknown what the passenger’s intentions were, but it seems as if he was trying to get rid of the dog, and believed that Brandi was a suitable person to care for him.

Brandi turned to Uber to ask for advice, and they suggested that she take the dog to the shelter. But Brandi feared that the dog, named Honey, could be euthanized at a shelter.

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Source: Blog.theanimalrescuesite.com


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