Two Cowards Who ‘Surfed’ On A Turtle Holding Beer Cans At The Beach Are In Big Trouble.

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Check out the two morons in this photo. This less than smart fellows were surfing on Australia’s Fraser Island when they spotted a turtle. They figured it would be cool if they pretended to surf on the turtle. So they snapped some photos. They even posted a caption that said that they had surfed a tortoise. Uncool.

The two are now being investigated by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. If the investigation reveals that they interfered with a natural resource they could face a fine of $19,965! Can you imagine?! Okay, class, the lesson we have all learned today is that it is NOT cool to stand on a tortoise for a picture.

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Finally, if you do, you could be in debt up to your eyeballs! Don’t be like these morons – leave wild animals alone (and you may just save yourself from humiliation). Share away, people.
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