Traumatized Dog With Scars On Her Back And Head Can’t Believe She Is Finally Rescued

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It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Harper, the dog, was traumatized. She had been abused. Natalie Oliveri is the president of Furever Bully Love Rescue which is located in Orlando. Natalie found Harper Redland, Florida. The Redlands are known for being a dumping ground for unwanted dogs.
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Every day another rescue organization, Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project, takes food out to The Redlands to feed the strays.

They give out around 350 pounds of food to the 100 dogs that roam in that area – can you imagine? I would want to take all those dogs home with me! Jessie Pena from Redland Rock Pit says thousands of dogs roam the vast area of The Redlands.

Harper was had been living on The Redlands for a few months. One day, when the groups were handing out food, Harper approached them in a group of five other dogs.

As soon as she got close, Harper just dropped to the ground – she was terrified.

Natalie saw all the scars on Harper’s body and knew that they couldn’t leave her there.

She was taken to the vet and treated for her physical ailments (worms, a tooth infection, and anemia).

The psychological wounds would need a lot more time to fix.

Natalie said Harper didn’t move much for three days.

Here you can see Harper holding on for dear life!

Maybe Harper finally feels safe and just isn’t sure how to relax, yet.

Harper was fostered by Cheryl Kessler who reports that Harper is a much happier dog!



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