This Dog Spends Her Days Comforting Rescue Kittens, And They Repay Her In The Cutest Way!

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Life can be ruff sometimes, but if you’re Suzie the dog, your days are filled with cuddles! Suzie lives with Kushi and Sunny Marz, one-eye cats. Her human is always bringing home rescue cats, which makes Suzie outnumbered. Any other dog may not like this, but Suzie loves every second of it!

Her favorite thing to do is to provide lots and lots of snuggles and comfort for these kitties. And they love Suzie right back! Suzie is so gentle with them, and her and the cats are inseparable. It’s so cute to see such a close bond between two different species. The cats thank Suzie for her comfort by giving her endless licks and kisses so she knows she is loved.

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