This Aquatic Spider Brian Swims And Preys On Fishes… Unbelievable!

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I feel that spiders are the scariest creatures on the earth. Recently, a weird species having a deadly combination of spider and snake was spotted at Iran There are various other species of spiders present in the world but Brian found near the Brisbane area possesses extremely weird characteristics. This eight-legged beast loves to swim and eat fishes.

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The scientific name of this monster is dolomedes briangreenei.
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This fresh water species was named after the physicist Brian Greene.

Greene is the co-founder of the annual World Science Festival.

The size of this super- spider is large enough to scare you.

Brian can even prey on the creatures larger than its size.

The sensitive legs of this spider can detect its prey through the vibrations in water.

This spider likes to feed on insects and fishes.

Brian will be soon kept on display in the Queensland Museum.

Are you still afraid of the spiders found in your home?

Fortunately, Brian doesn’t pose any threat to humans.

Robert Raven, the Chief Scientist of Arachnology at the Queensland Museum explained, “I’ve been bitten by this spider and it’s not particularly dangerous. It just stung for a little while.”
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