The pup who lost so much finally found a home. But it’s just the beginning

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It was a long journey for Anubis, but now he’s found a home – perhaps the home he’ll spend the rest of his life. Anubis’ journey started in Cairo, Egypt, where he served as a watchdog. One day, Anubis barked at a passerby and had his nose cut off. Though one would think that he’d done his job properly, the pup was dismissed of his duties and was left to wander the streets on his own, according to The Dodo. Anubis lost his ability to bark and surely struggled to eat.
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Eventually, after years of sleeping in alleys and under cars, the people of Cairo began to take notice of the wounded dog.

The good people at Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation made it their mission to find Anubis a home. “We’ve taken dozens of animals from them and brought them to the States, animals who otherwise would be in agony in a country that cannot care for them,” a member of SNARR’s team told The Dodo.

It wasn’t long before Anubis’ journey was underway. A flight across the Atlantic Ocean and a drive halfway across the United States were all that stood between Anubis and his new home in El Paso, Texas. Multiple volunteers stepped in to help with the drive that began at JFK airport.

The Dodo reports that Anubis will spend six months with his current foster family, but it’s possible that he winds up there for good. A SNARR team member said the foster family has fallen “head over heels for him.”

You can get a glimpse of the pup’s journey below.h
Anibus making his way all the way from Egypt to Texas


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