Special Needs Dog Still Hoping For A Home After Massive Michigan Adoption Event

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Lost in a winter storm and nearly blind, Eastwood was lucky enough to be rescued by the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society months ago. Since then, he’s had trouble finding any luck at all.

Eastwood was born with several serious physical issues that a veterinarian could have remedied when he was born but now need more attention. According to Mlive, his vision is impaired, and one of his rear legs is restricted by a genetic defect. Those issues have led many visitors to the LTBHS to pass Eastwood by when looking for a new furry friend to adopt.

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“Poor Eastwood is so lonely now that all of his pals have been adopted!” said LTBHS staff on Facebook. “Eastwood is the only dog left at the shelter after Empty the Shelters on Saturday, but we know the perfect home is out there somewhere. This amazing boy has a few health issues that need to be addressed (which is why we think he was abandoned initially, poor guy!), but this boy is so sweet, we know it will be well worth it.”

The LTBHS veterinarian doesn’t think surgery on Eastwood’s leg is crucial at this point, but the dog’s future owners may want to look into the operation in the future. According to Up North Live, that time may come sooner rather than later, as the shelter has already started receiving requests to adopt Eastwood.

Those interested in adopting Eastwood or any other animal at the LTBHS can find an application here.

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Source: Blog.theanimalrescuesite.com


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