Severely Neglected And Emaciated Dog Cries For Help. Then Rescuers See Her ‘Kennel’.

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Angel was an Akita – a purebred Akita living in Irvington, New Jersey. She was living in the backyard of a residence – and she was suffering. Someone cared about her, though – but it wasn’t enough. Angel was dying when she was finally rescued from the hell she had been living in.
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The rescue call came to the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter, and an officer was sent to the scene. Angel was emaciated and was laying in a pile of leaves to try and stay warm. There was a filthy room, acting as a kennel, for her to go into for warmth, but, it was filled with garbage and feces.

The officer who found Angel rushed her to a veterinary hospital in the city of Fairfield. Within hours, Angel was gone. At least she was warm in her last few hours, and there were people around her that truly cared for her and showed her some love. The woman who called the shelter told authorities that she had been calling about Angel for some time.

The city’s animal control officers apparently never responded. As a result, Angel not only died – but she suffered greatly. Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter says that stories like Angel’s are not that uncommon. Many pets die cold and hungry. Apparently, calling animal control isn’t even good enough.

If you know or see an animal and suspect abuse, reach out to more than just the authorities – take to social media about it. There are plenty of people who will help you fight to get help for animals in need. Share away, people.



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