Pregnant Stray Cat Finds Safe Place To Give Birth–Just In Nick Of Time!

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Jellybean was very pregnant, and very lucky. Formerly a stray, the cat was rescued by folks from the Multnomah County Animal Services in Troutdale, Oregon, where she was provided a warm, safe place to stay…and she gave birth just hours later!

After having six tiny kittens, Jellybean and her crew were fostered by a wonderful woman named Sheila, who is no stranger to caring for cats.

“They picked up Jellybean from the street and that night, at the shelter, she gave birth to six kittens…I picked them up the next day and they stayed in foster care until the kittens were old enough for spay and neuter,” Sheila told Love Meow in a recent article.

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Mama Jellybean made sure all her little ones were always well fed.

And none of the babies were allowed squirm out of bath time…

No exceptions!

There was plenty of snuggling.

And lots of play time!

Once they are old enough, each of these little sweethearts found a loving forever home.



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