Pit Bull That Spent 5 Years in Shelter Finally Gets Adopted Thanks to Facebook Plea

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Shelters will typically decide how long an animal can remain on their premises before they ;ve even arrived. While this is due to logistics and the available amount of space, this reality is of little comfort to the animals who cannot seem to find a family to provide them with the forever home that they so desperately need.
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The shelters must put these dogs to sleep, especially if they have reason to believe that no one will ever want them. Unfortunately, pitbulls often call into this category. They are considered to be savage beasts and families will opt for breeds that come with a better reputation. But Chester’s continued existence serves to prove both the shelters and the families who passed on him wrong. No matter how long you ; ve waited for a dream to come true, just keep hope alive, because you never know when your luck is going to turn

He did not become shy or anxious, he kept his eyes on the prize. Thanks to the help of social media savvy shelter workers who put the word out, Chester finally found a family that was willing to take him in. Let this be a lesson to all of the shelters out there that are too hasty when it comes to euthanization.

Chester stayed sweet and his disposition was shocking to the workers at his shelter. They are used to seeing animals becoming despondent and they are accustomed to watching pitbulls like Chester give up on themselves, especially after the umpteenth family decides on a different breed of dog.

These workers made a poster and put the word out about Chester’s awful plight. Fortunately for this lovable pitbull, their plan worked to absolute perfection and the Internet sharing led to him finding an immediate home.
We are sending a special shout out to these helpful workers who went the extra mile to help Chester. Be sure to share this story with your closest friends and loved ones!

Source: Sureawesomeness.com


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