People Are Doing The Nicest Things For Stray Dogs During Snowstorm

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In Istanbul, Turkey, where heavy snowfall and plunging temperatures have caused havoc in recent days, stories are emerging about folks going above and beyond to help keep homeless pets cozy and safe through it all.
Here’s a photo from one such example that has since gone viral.
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Ali Çelik was on his way to work this week through the snow-covered city when he spotted a group of stray dogs who had found refuge in front of a local mall — but they were not alone. Three kindhearted strangers were there, too, laying down cardboard for the pups to sleep on, and covering them with blankets. A pile of food was placed by each as well.
“It was fabulous,” Çelik told The Dodo, adding that they wouldn’t give their names. “The people were there to help the animals, not so that others could see them helping.”
But this isn’t an isolated act of kindness; elsewhere, other Good Samaritans are also stepping in to assist.

Some stores, like this Penti clothing shop in Istanbul, have gone as far as to invite stray animals inside to escape the cold.

The pups certainly seem to appreciate these gestures of kindness, and we can only hope that they inspire others to help as well.



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